Boyd’s Creek Community Outreach

Saint Paul Episcopal Church has joined with Rocky Springs Presbyterian Church and Boyd’s Creek Baptist Church to form the Boyd’s Creek Community Outreach Committee (BCCOC).

Working together, the 3 member churches of the BCCOC have discovered they can accomplish great things in the Seymour community. Recent projects include the distribution of over 55 complete Thanksgiving meal kits to needy families, cleaning up and planting flowers in the old slave cemetery behind St. Paul, supplying books for the Sevier County Jail Library, supplying bottled water for the local volunteer fire department, supply donations to the Sevier County Humane Society, Halloween “Trunk or Treat” for the children of Deerfield Park,  and doing landscape work at Boyd’s Creek Elementary School.

The committee is always seeking people to help in their ministry efforts to the local community. Please see the St. Paul BCCOC coordinators (Kris Horder and Lynn Turner) for more information.