Parish Leadership


Father A. Henry Swann



 VESTRY  2018



 Senior Warden –  TBA

Junior Warden –  TBA

Treasurer –  Brian Moore

Parish Administrator – David Thomas 

Rector –   Father Swann


Bernie Champion (term ending 2019) *

Lynn Turner (term ending 2018) *

David Thomas (term ending 2019)

Patti Davenport (term ending 2019)

William Lakatosh (term ending 2020)

Wayne Eberhardt (term ending 2020)

Brian Moore (term ending 2018)

Pat Deason (term ending 2020)

Susan Gilliam (term ending 2018)

*= replacement term

The Vestry meets at 6:30 PM on the Monday (after the second Sunday) evening of every month. Vestry members are nominated at the annual Parish Meeting to serve a three-year term. Vestry meetings are open to any interested persons. 

Various other committees and groups function regularly in the parish, such as Building and Grounds, Special Events, Music and Worship, Media and Publicity,  and the Altar Guild. New members are always needed and encouraged to serve on any of our parish groups.