Trundle’s Crossroads Church Cemetery


The cemetery was  given for the use of the Trundles congregation, who maintained and cared for it until they closed. When the property was sold in 1980, the cemetery was deeded to a group of trustees in the community. The first person buried in the cemetery was Louis Wayland in 1871. Following is a list of people buried in the cemetery who were born before 1900.

Elizabeth Findley 1812-1876, George Wade 1807-1877, Ann Wade 1806-1917, Michael Wardell 1829-1901, Sarah J. Wardell 1847-1927, Eula Chittum Cresswell 1844-1933, Robert M. Irwin 1847-1927, Lewis Wayland 1818-1871, Rececca Ann Wayland 1827-1898, G. W. Carter 1840-1909, A. A. Fagala 1828-1892, J. M. Fagala 1827-1897, A. S. (Jennie) Thompson 1844-1880, Katherine Fagala 1801-1894, John Fagala 1796-1874, Michael Fagala d. 1872, Nancy Fagala 1804-1885, J. Wiley Hodges 1831-1888, Martha J. Hodges 1841-1925, Mary Cresswell 1799-1881, Andrew Creswell 1823-1881, Mrs. John W. (Mary Ellen) Chittum 1844-1906, Joseph Chittum 1816-1891, Drusilla L. Trundle 1845-1891, Althea E. Fagala 1842-1898, Dr. J. C. Ellis 1832-1900, Ann Chandler 1808-1898, J. J. Wade 1832-1901, Mary Wade 1838-1899, B. S. Davis 1840-1908, Ann David 1845-1897, W. H. Wayland 1843-1905, J. R. Rose 1844-1903, James W. Ellis 1848-1913, Sally V. Ellis 1854-1941, James A. Keener 1856-1914, Hannah C. Keener 1866-1943, Edmund L. Burns 1854-1904, Sallie J. Burns 1856-1946, William J. Murr 1851-1928, Margaret Ann Stephens Murr 1849-1915, John A. Wayland 1859-1888, Sallie Hammer Wade 1852-1928, T. D. Manis 1861-1928, J. Otha Wade 1861-1897, James Lincoln Keener 1965-1944, Thomas M. Chittum 1866-1910, J. J. Ivey 1871-1946, Elzora Ivey 1878-1942, Joseph E. Hodges 1872-1957, Eliza R. Thomas 1873-1953, Hugh Tipton 1873-1931, William Cusick 1873-1954, Ida S. Cusick 1873-1952, Minnie May Irwil 1874-1925, May Fagala Keener 1876-1951, William W. Wayland 1876-1953, S. L. Wayland 1879-1929, Lizzie Murr 1879-1904, Ira Robert Burchell 1879-1936, M. A. Wardell 1879-1902, Lizzie M. Murr 1879-1904, Althea Ellen Cannup 1878-1951, Burnie Hodges 1879-1964, Delilah Shultz Ballard 1881-1925, and Ada L. Irwin Tipton 1876-1977.

 A small volunteer group of people in the community with family members buried there look after the cemetery, and the maintenance is paid for by donations.  Decoration Day for the graveyard is always the third Sunday in May.

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